Completed Project of & Railway

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Carrying out final location survey, geotechnical studies, design, preparing drawings & other preliminary activities in connection with construction of diversion on Jaipur – Ringus line to cross alignment & RPC Railway track of DFCCIL and Railway BG track (RPC) at Ringus in between Chota Gudha - Ringus stations in Jaipur – Ringus – Sikar section and providing bye pass at Loharu towards Rewari on Sikar-Loharu section and preparation of GAD for Road Under Bridge.
North Western Railway
Survey, Investigation & Collection of site details of Bridges & others existing works, marking final alignment, Geotechnical studies, preparation of Design and Drawing of bridges and Lsection etc. of existing MG alignment including new alignment and testing of existing arch bridges in Mhow – Khandwa section in connection with Gauge Conversion of existing Ratlam – Khandwa MG section of Western Railway
Western Railway
Survey & Geotechnical investigation, collection of hydraulic data and design of major/important bridges and other miscellaneous works in connection with gauge conversion between Nainpur-mandla Fort Section ( from NG to BG)
South East Central Railway
Computerization and updating Land Plans under Jurisdiction of Sr. DEN (NW)- Ahmedabad.
Western Railway Ahmedabad

Ongoing PROJECT OF &Railway

Collection of site Details bridges and other existing works, marking final alignment, geotechnical studies. Preparation of Design and Drawings of Bridges and L Sections other preliminary activities in connection with BG doubling of COR-NMH section of Ratlam Division of Western Railway.
Western Railway Ratlam